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Microcare Battery MonitorNew Battery Monitor
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You can connect up to four sensor modules to it. Each sensor module measures RMS voltage, RMS Current and True power (4000 times a second) with a selectable current capability of 50, 100, 200 and 400A bidirectional. The Microcare battery monitor logs all information and graphs it on the screen (true power, Peak's encountered throughout the day, MAX, MIN and AVG of the battery voltage and percentage). The Microcare battery monitor uses this information to determine battery state of charge and estimate the time left on the battery, it can monitor the health of the battery and indicate solar production, usage efficiency, and appropriate use of available power and battery. It can indicate the shortfall of power (if any) and the times (+ values) that the battery reaches max / min voltage and max / min SOC (state of charge), can indicate the time (+ values) of peak load and peak charge.

With one sensor it can give all the information, but can only do this based on the net totals (differences) of power coming in and power going out.

With two sensors the power in and out can be plotted and analysed independently, better understanding of load behaviour and better understanding of the effects of weather patterns and shading on PV production.

If more charging sources such as a wind turbine is added, then it can be connected to a new sensor or it can be connected in with the charging (solar power in) sensor.

If you want to monitor three loads independently, then you can add two more sensors otherwise, all the load will be monitored with one sensor

Price: R2280.00