LED Street Light - LU2 - 56W - 4200lm

LED Street Light - LU2 - 56W - 4200lm
R8104.90 including VAT
SKU: LU2 - 56W - 4200lm
Power Consumption:56
Working Voltage: 
85-264VAC,12 or 24VAC/DC
Luminous Flux:2,100lm (equal to 75w HPS Lamp on 7m height pole or 150w HPS lamp on 6m Height Pole)lm (equal to 75w HPS Lamp on 7m height pole or 150w HPS lamp on 6m Height Pole)Certificates:CE, RoHS (UL Pending)
Special Features: 
Integrated LED Street Light with Heater and Lamp Fixture all-in-one, IP65.
Price: R8104.90 including VAT


LED Street Light - LU2 - 56W - 4200lm


LED Street Lights

Compared to High Pressure Sodium Lamp:

  • LED street lights can save about 50% - 70% energy.
  • The lifespan of LED street lamp is 3 - 5 times longer than HPS Lamp's.
  • The ROI is about 25% - 40% (Depending on electricity costs in your area).

 LED Compared to HPS


 28 W 80 W
 56 W 150 W 
 112 W 250 W 




LED Solar street lights 

Because of the low power consumption of LED lights, it is the best light source of solar street lights. We can also design street lighting solutions according to your project requirements. If you need street lighting solution in your project, please feel free tocontact us.

Benefits of LED Street Lighting

Reduced Power Consumption - Our design and technology implementation have been driven by our desire to effectively reduce street lighting power consumption. To achieve this, we developed our fully integrated Retrofit system to have maximum light output with minimum power consumption using our in-house designed and manufactured, proprietary, scalable, high efficiency LED array and driver system.

 Reduced Maintenance - By locating all of the components on the lens assembly our LED retrofit kit requires little more than the removal of the existing lens / reflector and replacement with the new lens assembly. All of the old components may be salvaged for spare parts use in other cobra heads.

Reduced Infrastructure - The significant reduction in power required to run the street lights allows the complete cable & power supply system to be optimized. This results in significant Capex savings on the transformers and distribution cabling required to power the lights. On new installations the cable size reduction also makes the grid installation significantly easier and faster.

 Fast Installation - The retrofit lens assembly is a direct replacement of the original, no adjustment is required, pull out the old and in with the new.